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Good news !Good news !!Good news !!!

You have been shortlisted for 500mb free data from SmartSchool and OGdata. This offer will apply to only MTN users for now. You can use this 500mb at your homes. Log in here with the phone number that you used on EKSU SmartSchool platform . Go claim your free 500mb.

We also offer very subsidized data at N260 per GB. Log in here to purchase data at the lowest price possible.


Making Learning Interactive....

We provide solutions to make the learning process in Ekiti State University Interactive and Smart by introducing technology into education thereby enhancing Teaching, Learning, Communication and collaboration amidst the students and University at Large.

We provide School Management System to make the University management an easier task. We also include the Learning Management System to make Learning an Easy Process ...

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Learning in the University
Ekiti State University Admin
School Management System

School management system tailored to suit the academic requirements and the structure of Ekiti State University where results can be uploaded, admission process, student database, transcript management, financial record keeping and lots more.

Learning Management System

the learning management system which enable effortless and smooth learning and teaching process, reducing the stress on the lecturer and making the students smarter.

Online Library

The online Library is to assist students and lecturer in research and learning and will make studying much easier as the stress of walking to the library and searching the catalog manually can be tiresome.

Massive Open Online Courses

where you can sharpen your skills in preparation for your careers and the job market after you have finished from EKSU.

10 Gig Internet Bundle

Upon registration, the students are giving 10 Gig per month as a way to enable them access and enjoy all the services provided by EKSU smart school.

Power Supply Around Campus

EKSU Smart School provides electricity to LT Art and other areas across the campus after the school hours to enable students enjoy the services provided to the students by the Smart School.


EKSU Smart School provides students with the ease of learning by providing a well structured and interactive learning platform filled with related materials, textbooks, journals and articles to further enhance learning.


The vision and mission of Smart school is to connect students to resources which they need to reach their full potential academically.

Smart School: Applying Technology to Education

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